Should You Sell Your Home With Out an Agent?

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For Sale By Owner. How hard can it be to sell my own home? Many home owners ponder over the same question when deciding to sell. “I want to save on commission!” I’ve often heard that response.

Now let me ask you a question. Is it worth it to sell your own home? The answer might surprise you. Often times the commission that you save will not be worth your wild. Most importantly although you may save some money on commission, you risk leaving behind a lot of money on the table. This can leave you to net less money than if you had simply listed with an agent to begin with.

“In a casual conversation with my neighbor I had suggested I was ready to sell. The neighbor was quick to make a cash offer that seemed ideal however, I had doubts and listened to my gut. To my surprise after meeting and listing with a local agent, I would have left over $40,000 on the table had I sold my home myself to my neighbor.” -Martha H. Houston, TX.

This was an eye opening experience for my past client Martha. The real reason agents provide such an invaluable service is because of the following:

  1. When recent homes sell the sales price remains private and only agents can view that via the MLS.  Agents can offer you diffrent pricing stratagies based on market value that will work to get you top dollar.
  2. Locally there are 55,000 agents in the Houston Metro-Plex. By listing your home all of those agents have the ability to bring their buyer clients to see your home. If each agent has 5 buyers they are currently working with then that means by listing with one agent suddenly your home is exposed to 275,000 buyers locally. (55,000 agents x 5 buyers each=275,000 current local shoppers.)
  3. By listing your home with an agent who advertises the home on the MLS. Your home suddenly gets unveiled to the whole world. The MLS syncs to hudreds of public websites that buyers shop on. That one buyer up north who is seriously looking to relocating  in the Rosenberg Richmond area is likely not going to look at the news paper For Sale By Owner classifides.
  4. The Real Estate agent is going to offer a variaty of marketing material including professional photography out of their own budget.
  5. The agent is going to pre-screen callers to make sure that they are not only financially qualified but *motivationaly qualified to buy your home.
  6. Real estate agents have all the right resources to get the job done including a list of preferred vendors.
  7. Real Estate Agents can provide all the necessary disclosures to keep you from getting into a law suit.

Is it worth it to sell your own home? Now that you know the facts you can decide.

* Motivationally qualified means that you are physically ready to buy a home that meets your needs.  A buyer who is pre approved but is not motivationally qualified although finding the perfect home will not buy it. Possibly because he is still tied down to a lease contract ect…

The Author of this Blog is Janet Davila, Your local Rosenberg Richmond Agent. For more information you can reach her at: or 832-495-8400 .

If you would like a free evaluation of your home at no obligations follow the link below.

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