Agent Reviews~Do They Ensure Success On The Sale Of Your Home?



In an era of information now and smart phones consumers are now wanting products that will bring them the best value. They do research on said products by reading what other consumers thought of that product before they even purchase it.

Like a product a real estate transaction can be the most expensive purchase or sale that you’ll ever make. Wouldn’t it also make sense that you read reviews before hiring an agent to help you buy or sell?

Reviews offer unbiased, verified information from previous consumers who worked with that agent. The reviews highlight specialties that the agent has to offer.

If you are considering selling your home in Richmond or Rosenberg it would be wise to hire an agent who is reviewed in that area .  The reviews should specifically list out that that agent has sold properties in that area.  Consumer reviews should relay a successful, easy sale or purchase.

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Should You Sell Your Home With Out an Agent?

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For Sale By Owner. How hard can it be to sell my own home? Many home owners ponder over the same question when deciding to sell. “I want to save on commission!” I’ve often heard that response.

Now let me ask you a question. Is it worth it to sell your own home? The answer might surprise you. Often times the commission that you save will not be worth your wild. Most importantly although you may save some money on commission, you risk leaving behind a lot of money on the table. This can leave you to net less money than if you had simply listed with an agent to begin with.

“In a casual conversation with my neighbor I had suggested I was ready to sell. The neighbor was quick to make a cash offer that seemed ideal however, I had doubts and listened to my gut. To my surprise after meeting and listing with a local agent, I would have left over $40,000 on the table had I sold my home myself to my neighbor.” -Martha H. Houston, TX.

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Step Two~ Thinking of selling your home?

2017-01-19 12.36.50In my previous blog we talked about the first step involved when deciding to sell your home.  Congratulations! Many people are oblivious when it comes to finding out the true value of their home. At the bottom of this blog, you will see a link to get a Free Value Report on your property if you haven’t done so already.

Once you have learned that your home value is worth selling ( at the very least have equity to cover the cost of selling a home) then you can begin the process.  The next questions will be important to consider. Will you be down sizing/upsizing homes to live in the area? Or will you be selling and relocating?

If you are selling to down size or up size, then there is more things to consider with a lender before you put your home for sale. The lender will likely do some evaluating on your finances. Once the lender views your finances they can let you know whether or not you need to sell your home first in order to qualify for your next home. If you can’t handle two mortgage payments at once then you will likely be required to put your home on the market and find a buyer. Once you have an executed contract from a buyer you can begin shopping for your home. If you are fortunate enough to handle two mortgage payments at once then you can decide weather or not you wish to sell first or buy first.

If you are selling and relocating to a different area then you would want to research properties along side a local expert for the best results. In this scenario it may be wise two work with two agents at once. One in the market where you are selling and one in the market where you will be buying.

It’s important to remember that the real estate agent, the lender and you are a team. You will all be working together to plan and execute your transactions. Be upfront with your goals, listen to their professional advise and you will reap good results.

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First Step~Thinking About Selling Your Home?

During the past 8 years, I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of people to sell their home. The one thing in common that successful sellers had is they took the time to get educated about the local market.

The smartest home owners started their research 3-6 months or even a year in advance. First, they reached out to a local real estate expert who had good rapport. They made sure that agents reviews reflected the business experience they were looking for.  That agent is then able to provide them with a Broker Price Opinion of their home based on the condition  and the local market trends.

A professional agent can do this for free at no obligations.

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